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size: 10 inch with flowers

We send it to the bus or courier. You can get it 6-12 hours by bus but 24-48 hours you can get by courier anywhere in Bangladesh.

Where to Plant Dianthus

When planting dianthus, look for a location with full sun—ideally, one that enjoys at least six hours of sunlight per day. If that’s not an option, partial shade is suitable, too. Note that in overly shady spots, mat-forming types may begin to rot, and taller varieties, like carnations, need lots of light to stay standing upright. (Some towering types may still need additional support.

Dianthus needs very well-drained soil. Mat-forming varieties are very susceptible to rot in wet/humid climates, so planting them on a 2- to 3-inch mound can help keep water off the crown. Depending on which type you choose, dianthus works well as a border plant, in containers or rock gardens, or en masse in garden beds.


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