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Saplings with flowers

Saplings age 50 days

When to plant:

For use as a perennial, plant in early spring or at least 6 weeks before a killing frost in fall. Planting chrysanthemums in spring will give them the best chance of surviving the following winter. If you are using them as an annual pop of fall color, plant them when blooming in late summer or early fall.


Mums require frequent watering due to their shallow root system, especially in high heat. A layer of mulch in summer will help conserve water and keep the soil moist and cool.


Pinch approximately 1 inch from the branch tips two to three times during the growing season to encourage branching and a sturdier plant. Early bloomers that bloom in mid-September, should be pinched no later than mid-June. October bloomers can be pinched up until mid-July, with the rule of thumb being not to pinch any closer than 3 months to bloom time.


When grown as perennials, they can be divided every two to three years in the spring. Dig up the plant when new growth begins to appear, discard the dying center and re-plant the new shoots on the outside of the plant. They can also be grown from cuttings taken in the spring. Cut just below a leaf node and root in sterile potting soil. The new plants should be watered daily and kept in a sunny windowsill until established.


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